White Paper

1iam Token

The 1 In A Million unique personalised token for NFT conversion

White Paper (version 1.1)

17 April 2021 Authored by William Rabbitt 


  • 1iam is an BEP-20 utility token that is designed to be used for the purchase a One In A Million NFT option on the One In A Million Globe using Binance Smart Chain blockchain cutting edge technology.
  • The total supply of 1iam has been fixed at 1,000,000 tokens.

1. Introducing 1iam 

The aim of the 1iam program allow user to purchase a spot on our unique Globe and create a personalised NFT linked to that spot on the globe of which there will only be 1 million.

This is a novel opportunity to create something unique and personal for a special. Person place or location


2. 1iam Anatomy.

The 1iam token is a fungible cryptographic token that exists on the Binance smart chain . A fungible token is an asset that is interchangeable with tokens of the same type, so that one 1iam token always has the same value and properties as any other single 1iam token. 1iam is the utility token used to secure   a spot on The One In A Million Globe and conversion of the unique created product to a NFT.

3. Token Economy

1iam is a true utility token it’s purpose is to serve as a single currency allowing user to purchase a spot on our  Globe and create a personalised NFT off which there will only be 1 million.

3.1 1iam Allocation

10% of 1iam are initially allocated to 1iam Team. 1% for Legal 4% Marketing and 85% will be sold on the DoDodex in 3 round of crowdpooling events with the price starting at $10.00 In round 1.

3.2 1iam Release Schedule 

Round 1.his DoDodex  crowd pooling event will take place on the 18th July how it works: anyone can participate in the offering by staking their capital.
Once the Crowdpooling ends, all participants claim the tokens proportional to their shares of the pool. Any difference between the amount participants staked and the actual cost of the tokens (i.e. initial price * the number of tokens actually received) is then refunded back to participants.
After each Crowdpooling phase ends, new public liquidity pools will be automatically set up with the capital raised and the tokens reserved for ask-side liquidity from step 1 and trading becomes available. The starting market price is the initial hard cap offering price from step.

4. Liquidity Protection

There is also a liquidity protection period to prevent the project teams from rug pulling immediately.

The bid-side liquidity is established by proceeds from Crowdpooling participants, and the ask-side liquidity is established by tokens reserved for the pools from Crowdpooling.

This initial liquidity belongs to creator of this Crowdpooling campaign, but the creator cannot remove this liquidity during the liquidity protection period. 

Anyone is able to provide liquidity to these pools AMM-style, with the added benefit of higher capital efficiency thanks to PMM.

This resulting spot market follows the bonding curve method: when a trader buys tokens, the token price goes up; when a trade sells tokens, the token price goes down.

5. Token Distribution 

6. 1iam Community Overview

6.1 Social activity Development strategy 

The 1iam Token platform is currently focused around an audience that uses English as the common language, with plans to support additional languages as the project grows.

6.2 Current growth and distribution strategies of 1iam 

  • Partnering directly with well-known influencers in the crypto world 
  • Partnering directly  with DODO Dex fo deployment
  • Sell 1iam tokens to launch the platform

6.4 Community and social channels as of 17th March 2021 

1iam Telegram Community 1iam Twitter 1iam discord